About us

The Shaw family has been farming on the Bedfordshire-Hertfordshire border since the 19th Century. T.C.Shaw & Sons was formed in 1956 by the late Thomas Cecil Shaw and the company is now run by his youngest son, Brian Shaw, and granddaughter, Whizz Middleton. 

Whizz Middleton, Mrs Middleton's Oils

Whizz has been working full time on the family farm since 2005. She has worked every harvest since 1997, plus roguing (pulling rogue weeds by hand) for several years before that too.

She does a bit of everything... loading lorries, field work, corn-carting, accounts, agronomy paperwork, planning next year's cropping, environmental decision-making and then putting those things into practice on the farm (field margins, bird plots, hedge planting and maintenance and lots more), tinkering in the workshop, purchasing chemicals, selling the odd bit of grain... the list goes on.

In 2013 the farm diversified with "Mrs Middleton's Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil". Mrs (Whizz) Middleton has developed a range of products including plain and flavoured rapeseed oils, flour produced from wheat grown on the farm, and a range of salad dressings and mayonnaises made using rapeseed oil.

The farmland is in and around several villages and we have a good, long-standing relationship with the villagers. They have been involved with several local charities, groups and businesses and aim to continue this association with the local communities and environment, enhancing our own land and that of others.